It’s Spring Day and Vodacom’s The Grid, South Africa’s first location-based mobile social network, is celebrating it by introducing on-board integration with Google Talk, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber and QQ.

This new feature enables users of the Grid to connect to these IM clients from one application on their mobile.

Vodacom did this, as instant messaging is free and anything that is free in Africa, will flourish. In fact Africa has the 2nd highest percentage of Live Messenger usage. 2nd, yeah that’s like a silver medal!

To make your stalkers life that little bit easier, real-life satellite images of South Africa can now be viewed from a cellphone using the Grid. The street map view on the Grid that displays a user’s direct vicinity and includes the locations of friends and points of interest, this makes it possible to view known landmarks without the need for a Smartphone. We are rather sure that Google Maps for Mobile has offered this for a while so we can’t really understand why Vodacom is nursing a semi.

For further information visit The Grids website

Brendon Ambrose

Stalking Satellite Screenshot

Stalking Satellite Screenshot