Next week Wednesday. The Chief – TechHuman’s Editor, Brendon – and myself will be participating in one of the more hallowed traditions the University of Witwatersrand has to offer. Exams are lurking around the corners and the strikers now gone, Wits is now able to resume it’s place as one of the top two universities in Africa. And so, bearing in mind we will be on the same lawns that 4 Nobel laureates sat upon whilst they were learning the trade, roughly 800 students will gather, and have a pillow fight.

This is a classic example of a flash mob, a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse. And now Sony Ericsson is giving people the chance to participate in one online with its new Space Hopper campaign. To start you first have to build your own “hopper”, which is like an avatar but less cool because it is a representation of a large bouncing….thing and Sony will let all participants know when and where in the world wide web all the hoppers will congregate and disperse.

The whole thing is a PR stunt, as Sony is releasing the highly anticipated Satio and Aino which insiders are saying is the closest to a PSP phone we are likely to get, and its little sister respectively. In all honesty, I can see the fun of it, but being part of a flash mob where no one who isn’t part of the mob can’t see you just seems to take away the point. I am however, very excited for the PSP phone and if its anything as good as the last time a beloved hand held media device crossed over to phones, Techhuman will be there in a flash.

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Arieh Esra
Assistant Editor
Sony Ericsson Anio