Looking from an objective point of view, Twitter is really stupid. It serves little to no purpouse, limits the possibility of saying anything useful (as proven by the fact that THIS is the 150th character in the article, 10 more than Twitter allows) and is basically a 24 hour hub of self promotion. I mean, it is nice to know what Lance Armstrong is up to, but his updates are usually more “Getting a massage and watching #parisnice.” And less “Just won the TdF. F U Cuntador” Which makes it so much more ironic that possibly the biggest news to happen to the South African web experience came from twitter.

This morning @FreeTheWebSA, announced to the world that South Africans would now be able to access uncapped bandwidth for a price that wasn’t so high, it required one to knife their spouse for insurance money.

The lowest package which facilitates speeds up to 384kps for R219, which compared to the previous package of the same price, 3GB international bandwidth per month, exposes just how bad South African web users had it. If you are privileged enough to have a 4096kps connection, an uncapped account will set you back R539 a month, but again, this is peanuts compared to previous prices.

There are options available for both business and consumer. The business plan is unshaped (no throttling whatsoever) and the consumer plan is shaped (speed priority on browsing and streaming). There is a “fair use” policy which stops you from going completely bonkers, but this is not unusual almost all uncapped data plans have this.
With this awesome news (which probably caused the implosion of www.hellkom.co.za) I invite you all too finally be free, and surf.

Note to Mweb: blocking youporn might not be a bad idea.

    The breakdown:
  • Consumer:
  • Uncapped ADSL without line rental
    Uncapped ADSL 384kbps: R219
    Uncapped ADSL 512kbps: R299
    Uncapped ADSL 4096kbps: R539

    Uncapped ADSL with line rental
    Uncapped All-inclusive 384kbps: R349
    Uncapped All-inclusive 512kbps: R599
    Uncapped All-inclusive 4096kbps: R899

  • Business:
  • Uncapped ADSL without line rental
    Uncapped ADSL 384kbps: R499
    Uncapped ADSL 512kbps: R699
    Uncapped ADSL 4096kbps: R1 999

    Uncapped ADSL with line rental
    Uncapped All-inclusive 384kbps: R629
    Uncapped All-inclusive 512kbps: R999
    Uncapped All-inclusive 4096kbps: R2 259

    Application Website
    Facebook Page: Free The Web South Africa
    Twitter: @FreeTheWebSA

    You can now afford to watch this TRON Legacy Tailor in HD!