Live from Fourways, Johannesburg South Africa at the Launch of the Nokia Music Store

Mathia Nalappan (MD Nokia South Africa) introduced the store

Nokia got involved in the Music industry as they have over 1 billion mobile phones in the market. The Mobile music industry in growing at an impressive rate.

Nokia Music is launching with over 5 million songs. Including local and international hits.

Nokia Music is Live in 16 countries

How to download?
1. Register online
2. Download the client
3. Login
4. Purchase credits
5. Download

1. Register on your Nokia Device
3. Login
4. Purchase credits
5. Download

Nokia is closely involved with South African Idols and the SAMA’s (South African Music Awards)

Some marketing jargon and its over…

Just been told that Prime Circle is performing in 10 min!

Prime Circle is jamming on stage! They are really good! But I think I recognise one of their songs from a Spar advert?

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