Have you ever longed for a set of portable speakers that operate on batteries and that you can stream music to off your cell phone?

No? Well Parrot has made one anyway, and it is as cool as a cucumber on crack. It is made from iPod white plastic with an almost neon blue rubber rim around the edges. But best of all is it is not much bigger than a small dachshund puppy so it will fit into your hand luggage.

It takes two seconds to pair it to your cell phone via Bluetooth and surprisingly the sound quality is rather good. Not “wow that’s incredible!” good, but good enough to rival its competitors. What often happens with portable speakers is the batteries last about two minutes and then it runs out of juice, leaving you looking like an idiot in front of all your friends. I was expecting the same dismal battery life from the Party especially since it is wireless. But to my amazement the battery life is perfect for an entire day at the beach and maybe just enough for some sundowners.
Parrot Party White
There is one problem with having a battery that lasts that long. You have to have quite a lot of storage space on your phone, to fill up with enough songs to last you an entire day at the beach. I recommend one of Nokia’s new N-Series, like the N81 8GB, N82 or N95 8GB. But if you already have a phone you are happy with then just get a 2 GB micro SD card and fill it up or alternatively the Party does come with a line in so you can attach your iPod.

The Party is going for about R1 300, at first I thought this was a bit steep, but compare it to its competitors, none of which are wireless and you soon realise that this little piece of white and blue excellence is actually quite reasonable.

So forget the iPod Touch this Christmas if you are really cool, get a Parrot Party, some friends, a beach umbrella and head down to the coast.

Happy listening.

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