Aerial 7, they make high end headphones for DJ’s all the way to your sister. They are relatively new to the South African market but now they are here in full force!

First thing you need to know about Aerial 7 is that they have serious street cred. They may be new to SA but DJ’s and metal heads have been rocking out with Aerial 7’s for ages.

With that in mind we posed the question “Can the Aerial 7 Tank’s cause damage to your hearing?”

Yes. Yes, they can and this is a good thing. The Aerial 7 Tanks can produce the most obscenely loud music without distorting or showing a significant drop in quality. They produce lovely deep bass, clear almost neat high notes and have a phenomenal dynamic range. Also, they come in pink!

The Tanks are very comfortable headphones, especially when wearing them for a long period of time. They have huge squishy foam pieces around the earpiece and an even squishier foam bit to rest on your head. Maybe this is why the bald DJ’s dig them so much?

You are able to use the Tanks with any mp3 or standard music player. Included with the Tanks are two additional cables, one slim cable with in-line microphone for use with your iPhone or other smart phone – “But officer this is my hand free kit!” and a converter cable from the 3.5mm jack to a 2mm jack.
Overall, we are very impressed with the Aerial 7 Tanks. We have yet to test the competing Skullcandy’s and Sony’s but we can say that you won’t regret the purchase.

P.S. Here is a list of DJ’s that use Aerial 7 Tank

Ricky Hesselberg, Kid Fonque, Shane Halcon, Dave Skinz, DJ Prophet, DJ Josh Madden, DJ David Dann, DJ LoliLand, DJ Aldo, DJ Miss Yellow, DJ Kid Fresh & Shockmansion

Brendon Ambrose

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