Toshiba Satellite L650 - Side

The Toshiba L650 flies under the radar, it looks about as exciting as Tupperware but is well built and affordable.

It’s grey, which I don’t really think is a colour, rather the opposite of colour. Unlike the competition Toshiba has put zero effort in to the aesthetic appeal of this laptop. It’s not that it’s ugly; the Toshiba is just boring, which is even worse. If it was ugly it would have character, by being boring it has nothing.

The Toshiba does redeem itself in the engineering department. Graphics processing is done by an ATI Radeon Mobility 5145, coupled with 2GB of RAM, an i5 2.27GHz quad core processor and a 300GB hard drive. It also comes with all the usual components: dvd writer, card reader, e-sata port, hdmi port, webcam and many others. For the money there is little to compete with it in terms of specifications.

The laptop is also preloaded with what feels like a billion different Toshiba programs, normally this is an issue as these 3rd party applications clog up Window’s memory and grunge up the whole system. However, Toshiba implemented there 3rd part applications rather well, most of them are useful but more importantly they are unimposing. These third party programs act as adjuncts, assisting users with a variety of functions, without demanding the space and hassle of having to collect these programs yourself.

To round it up the L650 is a fantastic multimedia laptop, the screen is superb the insides are relatively powerful and it runs games decently. Despite have little to no character, the Toshiba impresses with their focus on value for money.

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