The Portégé R700 was a nifty piece of technology that was super-slim and magnificently portable. Yet it lacked power and thus was slow at the worst of times.

However the R830 and R840 have resolved that with a remedy known as “i7 processing” and the option of SSD drives. The Portégé series has become the technological equivalent of a spy working for a mysterious shadow-government organization…with the stretch of the imagination this may just work.

The Portégé R830, much like any spy, is understated and passes through without causing a stir. The style of the R830 is sleek, slender and simple and thus at first glance it blends into its environment much like any other laptop. However with a few embellishments it is tasteful and will never let on that it has the ability to overthrow a small government.

Upon testing the Portégé at Techhuman’s secret testing facility, the proving grounds known only as “Wits”, this agent of deception performed way above its competitors. The i7 2.70GHz processor coupled with the 8Gbs of ram worked tremendously when I required multiple programs to be opened to get through a lecture of Engineering Statistics.

In addition a spy requires some gadgets and toys to make “work” a little more slick. The R830 offers just that with the standard field operation tools including: Bluetooth, an SD card reader, an eSATA port and a webcam. This agent however, was more equal than the others sporting a 3D impact sensor for the HDD, a super-slim DVD drive and of course where would an agent be without a fingerprint reader.

As with most subjects these days “going green” is everything and Toshiba has always supplied its customers with the “Toshiba eco Utility” which, in the case of the R830, allows it to take down rebel factions and save a few hundred polar bears all at once.

The Portégé can push out close to 9 hours of operation and which spy has ever been quoted saying “no, I don’t really feel like hacking that missile silo, I’m a bit tired.” It is only 1.5kgs and is smaller than all of my textbooks.

Finally, without the use of metaphors and similes, the Toshiba Portégé R830/R840 is a superbly built and well thought out mini-laptop. As a student or even someone who is always on-the-go this laptop is fantastic and will hopefully win back those defected tablet users.

Portégé R830 Rating: 9/10

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