Welcome to world of speed where performance may not include comfort but will guarantee victory.

The large version of Cougar’s speed series mouse pad is undoubtedly one of the most spacious mouse pad, 450x400mm, I have ever used. You can set your mouse to the lowest sensitivity and DPI and you will still not use the entire pad when moving from corner to corner on your screen. Plus, this exaggerated movement won’t be laborious as the speed series literally has near zero resistance but ample feedback.

The surface is truly magnificent and really allows for fast movements without any of the overshoot drawbacks. The only concern I have is the way in which the surface material is bonded to the bright orange base material. Much like most cloth surfaces the threat of peeling or delamination is all too real and often occurs in due course. Another drawback is cleaning which again is solely due to the material surface and not Cougar’s design. Use an abrasive detergent and risk the aforementioned peeling or surface texture change.

However, the rubber base material is unbelievably grippy and the pad will not wonder off when intense gaming occurs. The mass of the mouse pad is also a factor when acknowledging the shear grip it has, this does come at a cost though with a thickness of 4mm the edge of the pad may annoy your resting forearm and does sometimes catch with exaggerated movements. This may also contribute to the dreaded peel.

Both laser and optical mice are at home on the surface and no mouse “error” was ever observed. Oh and I forgot the best part the largest version only costs around R180.00 which a small fee for gaming surface excellence.

It seems as though Cougar has released another great product at a truly competitive price. This is definitely one to look out for.

Cougar Speed Series Large Mousepad Rating: 9/10

Check out the Cougar website: Speed Series

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