Comfortable, affordable, user-friendly, precise and visually aggressive are the major aspects I look for when purchasing a gaming mouse. The Cougar 700M ticks a lot of the boxes and some more to boot.

Allow me to begin with all the criticisms I have with the criticisms I have with this mouse. It feels phenomenally light even with all four weights fitted which, for some may be preferable but for me I enjoy the resistance a heavy mouse offers. The plastic used seems lower grade than the R.A.T. 7, Ouroboros and Deathadder.

The adjustable back-plate or palm-rest is limited in its range of motion and follows an arc rather than separate longitudinal and vertical axes. Finally, and this is more of a personal issue but the gold embellishments are tacky like the Subaru Impreza WRX STi having those silly gold wheels, different strokes for different folks I suppose. That being said I am aware that Cougars style features a lot of gold coloured components and without the 700M gold bits it would not be brand recognizable in that sense.

With that out of the way I can finally admit, this is the best lower priced mouse I have ever had the opportunity of using. Each button has fantastic sensitivity and feedback, now no one can simply excuse their terrible play with the all too often used “sorry misclick” phrase, unless of course they have a horrendous keyboard. Don’t worry Cougar has a keyboard option too which I will definitely be testing sometime soon!

The mouse is also truly ergonomic as you do not have to partake in hand-yoga or intense contortionism to utilise every button around the mouse. Everything is placed just in the right spot and never get in the way nor are out of reach. As stated the palm-rest is not completely comfortable but it is not as if you are holding a porcupine whilst you successfully demonstrate those no-scope across the map headshots. After about 2 minutes of play you won’t notice any discomforts you may have had.

The plug and playability of the mouse is also astounding, I have yet to need further Dpi adjustment, outside of the onboard DPi button, to achieve perfect sensitivity. The tracks fantastically and I have yet to notice any sort of “jump” or problem without the software installed. With it installed the settings are almost infinite and with 8 programmable buttons one is hardly limited in choice.

The mouse is also cheaper than most mice in its range, at around R900.00 it is a bargain. Especially when compared to the R.A.T. 7 and even more so the Ouroboros. However, those two mice are not quite direct competitors yet in my mind I see this 700M keeping up comfortably.

The Cougar 700M is without a doubt a mouse that should be considered whether you are looking at lower priced or top performance.

Cougar 700M Rating: 9/10

Check out the Cougar website: 700M

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