Usually the term “entry-level” translates into cheap, ghastly and is followed by the statement “I like the brand but I cannot currently afford their better products”. Well I have some great news for the cash strapped gamer that is looking for cheap but not dreadful.

The 200M is an excellent little mouse. The mouse is quite comfortable but will feel microscopic when held by anyone taller than the average height. Furthermore the weight is almost negligible which will suit some and frustrate others deeply. The “on-the-fly” dpi adjustment with three settings: 800, 1600 and 2000 dpi is a welcomed addition to the superbly simple unit. Optical sensor fans may look away now as the sensor is in fact a high precision laser sensor.

The robust rubber coating will ensure your hand doesn’t slip off and smash through your screen or knock over your coffee. That being said for all the mice I have tested, no animals were hurt in the testing, I have yet to find one that I am unable to maintain a firm grip upon again, no animals were hurt during the testing. If you are the kind of person who enjoys colour matching or bright colours the mouse comes in two options black and orange. Both look great.

Now for the star of the show, the 200K. I was truly impressed by this keyboard. The keys have just the right amount of feedback and the “anti-ghosting” technology ensures that you can strafe run all day and make those no-scope headshots. I know this is not exactly new and nor is it a solely owned cougar invention but some cheap gaming keyboards have yet to come to the party and state they have “anti-ghosting” design but do not exhibit it.

In addition, for the lighting fans you have 7 backlight colour choices as well as the breathing effect. If you have no interest in tanning the undersides of your palms then simply use the lighting button to cycle through the colours and switch them off. My favourite characteristic of the keyboard is its tiny size. It does not sit too high off your desk forcing your wrists to bend to fit the keyboard nor does it feel moving from key to key is a journey of epic proportion. It also feels rather sturdy and would take a few rage hammer punches to destroy, not saying I do but we comprehensively test our tech here at

Both these peripherals are truly great bang for your buck the 200M starting R191.00 and the 200K R353.00. If you are in a tight spot or just have no need for the fancy higher-end products then look no further than these two.

Cougar 200M Rating: 9/10

Cougar 200K Rating: 10/10

Check out the Cougar website: 200M 200K

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