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    New MacBook

Aesthetics: Apple has redesigned the MacBook with the same principals as they used with the MacBook Pro. It is now encased in a unibody enclosure and is tapered at the edges. This should give it a much sleeker look and feel.
It is still made from polycarbonate (plastic) but now has a nonslip surface (rubber) at the bottom, that’s just clever.

Screen: Glossy LED-backlit 13.3’ 1280-by-800 screen. They are really making a fuss about the screen so we are expecting quite a lot. There is no mention on whether a matt screen will be available as an option. Glossy can be a bit of a pain, due to reflections on the screen. As we said in the MacBook Pro review having a good screen really does make a difference when working, especially for long periods of time. So it is important they get it right.

Multi-Touch trackpad: Just like on the MacBook Pro it’s made from glass and supports gestures. We really enjoyed the trackpad on the MacBook Pro, it’s the only one on which we actually used gestures (zoom in/out, rotate photos etc)

Battery Life: Bumped up from 5 hours to an impressive 7 and if there is one company whose battery life claims we believe its Apple.

Insides: The new Nvidia graphics card is claimed to be 5x faster than its predecessor. From the previous MacBook upgrades we have learnt that Apple is actually quite conservative with these claims. The new MacBook also sports a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and comes standard with a 250GB hard drive with an option of up to 500GB. All this in perspective, A major performance upgrade.

Price: Amazingly the price remained the same at $999, for South Africa we also expect the price to remain static at R11,999.00

Do we want one? Yes. Do you want one? Our review will be out ASAP!

    New iMac

Aesthetics: The new iMac has been resized to fit their new HD screen’s. The screen’s on both the 21.5’ and 27’ models now span edge to edge.

Magic Mouse: The new iMac’s come with a new mouse called the “Magic Mouse” The Magic Mouse is said to have all the capabilities of their Multi-touch trackpads. Apple claim it can detect the difference between a resting hand, a scrolling finger, a two-finger swipe, and a click. This sounds awesome but lets see if it works in the real word!

Screen: The 21.5’ model has full HD resolution of 1920-by-1080 and the 27’ model a massive 2560-by-1440. Both the screens are LED backlit (Light Emitting Diode), which consumes far less power, is much brighter and has beeper blacks than a conventional LCD (Liquid Cristal Display) The iMac’s new screens are also said to have an amazing viewing angle, whether looking at it at a 90’ angle or from the side, the screens are said to keep the colour consistent and with little loss of detail.

Insides: The iMac’s now sport Intel Core 2 Duo processors up to 3.33GHz.On the 27-inch iMac Quad-core (Effectively four processors in one) power is delivered by Intel’s new Core i5 and Core i7 processors. The graphics have also been upgraded with new Nvidia and ATI chips. We are expecting a significant increase in performance on the new iMacs.


    New Mac Mini

The entry-level Mac mini has got a faster 2.26GHz processor (from 2GHz), 2GB RAM (from 1GB), and has 160GB of storage (from 120GB).

The Mac mini server ditches an optical drive to make room for two 500GB hard disks. It uses Snow Leopard Server, and has the same 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo processor as the updated 320GB Mac mini. It sports 4GB of RAM and a Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics.

These are great updates but would you consider buying one over an iMac or MacBook?

    New Aluminum Remote

A long overdue update! No added functionality but it looks a million time better then that shiny plastic thingy. You can control your Mac, iPod, or iPhone with the aluminum Remote. Play, pause, adjust volume, move forward and back, and access menus while playing music and video.

    Time Capsule and Airport Extreme

Apple quietly updated their Time Capsule and Airport Extreme routers: New antennas that promise “50 percent better performance and up to 25 percent better range” than the old Airports.

Planning on getting one of these babies for Christmas? We will keep you updated with the launch date and pricing of the new products as soon as they become available.

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