The Huawei MediaPad Link+ is a mid-range tablet that gets the job done. If you’re looking for something more than that, you’ll probably stop reading now.

If you’re still here then let me simply this for you from the start. I’m not going to give you the usual spec fest, camera testing and comparison against other leading products out there. I am going to tell you what it is like to use this device.

How it feels:

Huawei seems to think that emulating Apple is the thing to do, which might not be the best idea for a mid-range device like this that runs nothing like an iPad.

So the back of the device is shiny silver and white with the cabling and charger looking extremely Apple-ish. The front has the 10 inch screen surrounded by a generous black border. The device is heavy in the hand at 620g.



How it runs:

Android is pretty price sensitive, so when you go looking for Android devices you’ll soon find out that the price range of a device determines what you’ll find inside. With a quad core 1.6Ghz processor and 1GBM of RAM, this device plods along acceptably, but out the box will regularly have that second or so of delay every third or fourth action you ask it to perform.

The device comes with a SIM card and is LTE compatible for data if you want it. It also has an expandable storage slot for extra memory, which you will have to factor into the price as around half of your 8GB of storage will be used with the apps on the device and one or two basic additions like Kindle and SwiftKey.



Remember I said Huawei is quite Apple-ish? Well there is no menu on this device like an iPad so you either have the apps on a home screen somewhere or you delete them if they aren’t system apps.

The device comes with a range of “helpful” apps from Huawei which I mostly ignored and placed in a folder on my furthest home page possible.

I’d recommend a task killer just to free up the memory every 30 minutes or so as Android doesn’t function optimally on a tablet with these specs.

It’s not a gaming device though unless you’re looking at something like Angry Birds or basic kids games.

Why buy this device

The battery life is fantastic for a tablet of this price range running for several days of moderate use and a week or so with light use.

It gets the job done. If you want to do basic browsing, chatting and email this device is fantastic. The camera’s not going to do anything spectacular with a 3MP sensor displaying the images on what’s an average 10 inch screen with low pixel density.

And that’s a wrap. The Link+ does not seem to have a lot of online availability in this country with Kalahari being one of the few websites that are carrying it, but you can keep an eye out for it in large retailers if you’re looking at mid-range tablets. Make sure you compare it to other similar specked tablets because you may find something slightly more affordable.