Wireless excellence. The campaign to win the hearts of gamers is usually one of boasting about unique tech or making the mouse look like a Decepticon had a love child with one of Shinichi Morohoshi’s Lamborghinis.

The G703 does neither of these things and instead focusses on excelling at what counts.

The most noticeable of which is the comfort, this mouse is insanely comfortable and was just the right weight once the additional weight was installed. The matte coating also provides decent grip levels and for some reason, even as a palm-grip, the mouse allowed for sufficient airflow.

The wireless connectivity never stuttered or showed any signs of desynchronization. It was seamless and smooth. The 1ms report rate is the reason why I was never able to witness any wireless delay, that and the fact I am not a pro gamer. The Logitech software UI is really simple and just works, relative to the Razer software which takes a moment to boot and reflect changes.

Furthermore, the battery life is impressive, 24 hours with lighting enabled and 36 hours without. True to Logitech’s claims I got approximately 24 hours total gaming time.

The RGB lighting will tick the boxes of people who are interested in that sort of thing. It is simplistic and displays via the scroll wheel and the G on the palm rest.

The G703 is unassuming and unimposing but it truly is a phenomenal mouse that I will most certainly be purchasing when it becomes available in South Africa.

Logitech G703 Rating: 10/10

Check out the Logitech website: G703

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