Body glove has created three, funky, Bluetooth connectable mini-speakers which sound better than they look and they look awesome.

The entry level system, the Jellyfish, has a suction cup base that quite literally sticks to any surface at any angle. It is splash-proof and comes in an array of colours: orange, black, purple, red and blue. The rubberized outer shell seems like it can take a serious beating before it shows any damage. The Jellyfish also acts as a hands-free-kit minus the ability of voice activated phonebook, dialling and call receiving but it works better than some other systems I have used in the past. As for the sound it produces, I was astounded with the quality and loudness. The Jellyfish may be more expensive than the equivalent Shox but it is much more powerful, robust and looks the part.

The Blubox system is a more stylish yet less durable system but Body Glove has provided a pouch to avoid transport scratches or the like. It is simply styled and is available in five colours: blue, red, pink, purple and green. The speaker may be small but it is deceptively powerful and possesses quality bar none. It has a rated output power of 3W. It is truly a masterpiece of both design and sound.

The Bluduo is a larger version of the Blubox and utilises the same classic design style. The Bluduo is offered in three colours: blue, red and black. The Bluduo boasts 3W*2 of output power and truth be told it sounds like a lot more than that. The quality is unparalleled and having heard the Beats Pill I can honestly say the Bluduo is equivalent in sound for the fraction of the price of the Pill. If you are not persuaded by brand names and the unfounded logic behind branding then the Bluduo is the only mini-speaker for you.

Body Glove has made three fantastic speakers and relative to their competitors I would look no further than these three. Fantastic sound, tremendous aesthetics and superb utility make for three awesome packages.

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