It seems Acer is going for the hat trick and in the case of the Switch Alpha 12 the goal is missed completely.

The Acer Swift 7 is magnificent, the Aspire R14 is a workhorse and the Alpha 12, in my mind, is quite a strange entity. I realise that Acer is not the only company that has created this tablet/laptop article but it just seems really weird to me.

Don’t get me wrong the windows 10 OS with a touch screen is pretty awesome. The detachable keyboard and kickstand allows the Alpha to front as a standard laptop when needed. In this form, albeit strange looking, it performs admirably and does as a laptop should. The specs as tested were:

• Intel i5-6200U 2.30GHz
• 256GB SSD
• 12” QHD 3:2 IPS
• Windows 10 Home 64Bit
• Price R15000.00

However, as a tablet it feels heavy, clunky and dull. It is by no means as thin as the Swift 7, a full- sized laptop and is not as good looking as other competing tablets. The other issue is that any protective case will result in the kickstand being completely redundant. Again, this is an issue with most of Windows OS tablets and hence why I find the form to be such a strange one.

The Switch Alpha 12 is a decent machine that is let down by its partial looks, its attempt to satisfy two different forms factors and the hefty price tag. I would rather get myself an Aspire R14 and have plenty of money left over.

Acer Switch Alpha 12 Rating: 5/10

Check out the Acer website: Switch Alpha 12

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