This lightweight, sleek and precise love affair of aluminium and top-quality plastics is so appealing that it won the affection an Apple devotee.

One glance was all it took to convert the person in question who owns an iPad Air 2, iPhone 7, iPod Nano and WAS in the market for a MacBook Air. I was completely shocked as I bared witness to this act of enlightenment and watched intently as a new world opened up in front of the Apple user’s eyes.

All that aside the Swift 7 is a masterpiece. The chiclet keyboard keys have soft but intentional feedback. The trackpad is quite large for such a small laptop and occasionally gets in the way whilst typing. That being said the touchpad is exact and rarely frustrated me as some touchpads often do.

The gold finishes are too much for me but the Apple fanatic absolutely loved the look. The plus side is that finger and palm marks are basically invisible, the laptop continues to stay classy even after a full day of working.

The Crystalbrite® screen is phenomenal and takes a few seconds to get used upon first viewing. Before I forget, the Swift 7 is title holder for the world’s thinnest laptop, it has no bearing on my enjoyment but in case you need to slice bread and all the knives are dirty then at least you have an option B.

The Swift 7 I quite fantastic however it wields a hefty price-tag which puts in the same price bracket as a very similarly specked MacBook Air.

• Intel i5-7Y54 1.6Ghz
• Intel HD Graphics 615
• 256GB SSD
• 13.3” FHD Acer Crystalbrite® IPS LCD
• Windows 10 Home 64bit
• Price R21999.00

There is no doubt that the competitors are catching up to the Apple way of styling and the Acer Swift 7 should definitely be taken seriously in the bout to win over the hearts of ultrabook lovers.

Swift 7 Rating: 10/10

Check out the Acer website: Swift 7

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