The little laptop that could.

Once again Acer has impressed me with the quality of finish and the sheer amount of tech packed into a compact design. The laptop is fully convertible and has touch capability.

The laptop tested had the following specifications:
• i7 – 6500U Dual Core 2.50GHz
• 14” Full HD Screen
• 512GB SSD
• Intel HD Graphics 520
• Windows 10 Home 64bit
• Price Range: R8000.00 – R10000.00

Most would assume with these specifications the battery life would be average at best and by that, I mean a maximum of 5 hours in Power Saver and 3 hours in High Performance. The R14 surges past those figures and held strong well into 8 hours and 5 hours in Power Saver and High Performance respectively.

With the above being mentioned the inverse may also be assumed, performance is sacrificed to achieve the battery life it does. Happily, this is not so and the laptop performs admirably in most spheres. This is definitely perfect for professionals who need on-the-go performance especially when there is no power point anywhere in sight.

The aluminium finishes are fantastic and give the laptop an executive feel. However, there are a few plastic elements which let the overall design down but at a glance, you wouldn’t know they were there.

There was one aspect that was disappointing, the screen. The clarity was decent but the brightness was lack-lustre and if you work in a naturally lit or outdoor environment you will need to build a little tipi and excuse yourself from any office interactions.

The Aspire R14 is a serious contender in terms of winning over the on-the-move professional.

Aspire R14 Rating: 8/10

Check out the Acer website: R14

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