Hey, are you a man on the go? Do you have a thoroughly legitimate import-export business run out of Cambodia? Are you constantly corresponding with your “boi” at customs to get them to turn a blind eye? Or perhaps you’re a mild mannered office jockey who needs to stay in touch!

Well then Nokia has just the thing to make your life a whole lot easier.

If you think that a Blackberry is the only option for business, think again, think Nokia. Until recently blackberry has been perceived to be the true business phone due to its Blackberry email service. With the release of Nokia Messaging, coupled with the newly available business applications, your Nokia E-Series can offer you even more functionality than a Bold or Curve. A Nokia E-Series will cost you less than a Blackberry, and possibly consider that its functionality may be superior, there is little wonder why the Nokia E71 business phone has been such a success. This was the mobile we used to take Nokia’s business services for a test-drive. These services are also available on all N-Series, E-Series and some other Nokia devices.

Download Nokia Messaging onto your phone and you have push email available for up to ten accounts. The Blackberry Service is replicated just like that, but Nokia Messaging has no subscription fee! The setup of your email accounts is painless and takes a couple of minutes to complete. All that is required is your email address and password and Nokia Messaging does the rest. It supports most online mail servers such as Windows Live, Gmail or Yahoo mail as well as allowing you to sync your email account from your ISP. You have control as to how often it checks for mail but it defaults to a push service which means you receive mail on your phone the same time it is delivered to your inbox.

I did run into one small issue. Nokia messaging does not have its own contact application and so you are not able to access your contacts that are saved on your online email account (like Gmail). Instead it only works off email addresses that are in your phones contact list. There is a way around this – by syncing your online account with Outlook and then Outlook with your phone but it is a mission. That being said it was one of the only shortcomings I found in this software and otherwise was very satisfied with it.
The next fantastic service that Nokia offers for business is Ovi Files. Basically, this is an app which affords the phone user access to all the files on his computer from his cell phone or another PC over the Internet.

How it works: You install the Ovi Files Software on your PC and, well, that’s it. When you sign into Ovi Files on your phone you are then able to explore all the files on your PC. You are only able to view your PC contents while your PC is connected to the Internet back home. However Nokia realized this may be problematic and created ‘Anytime Files’. You can designate any of your files to be ‘Anytime’ which allows them to be accessed regardless of whether your PC is online or not. This means you can download any documents to your Nokia and read them using Office reader.

Nokia also allows you to sync your phone’s contacts and calendar entries to the online database. This is a great way of having another backup of your important information. Nokia advertises this feature with the main focus being that you can edit your contacts and calendar entries on the Nokia Ovi website. That’s wonderful, but not really functional, as it’s easier to edit them on Outlook or on the phone itself, as the website can be a little slow at times.

However unlike the Blackberry’s you still have to pay for data, and while the price of data is constantly dropping, this is a bit of a downer. Nokia is chatting to the various service providers to get data packages with E-Series and N-Series devices in the future.
To wrap this all up I think it is quite clear that if you……..Love Nokia, or are on pay as you go and don’t want to remember to pay your Blackberry subscriptions, then the Nokia Ovi services take your business phone to the next level. There are some rough edges and don’t forget the cost of the data used, but overall a really good, simple to use, solution for mail on the go.

Ryan Canin
Staff Writer

Nokia Messaging

Nokia Messaging