Sony Xperia U Wallpaper 1

Welcome to the world of cheap plastic, kitsch lighting and forgettable styling.

The Xperia U is the entry level phone of the Sony NXT series and it shows in many ways. The plastics Sony made use of seem brittle and lack any real density. It looks and feels like a Nokia 3310 except the Nokia wouldn’t break if it was dropped down a flight of stairs. The Xperia shares another similarity with the Nokia in that it has a tiny screen, obviously not as small as the 3310’s but it might as well have been.

In addition, Sony has decided to embellish the bland look of the phone with an interchangeable plastic bottom which comes in many “funky” colours so as to personalise your phone. Above this “cool” feature is a transparent strip which shines neon blue when the phone is in use. I think Sony thought that by having such groovy aspects they could attract a more trendy market but instead it just makes for a bargain feeling and lame looking device.

However there are a few aspects that make the U more desirable. Music is a pleasure to listen to with the U’s powerful and decent quality speaker. The screen, tiny as it is, is LED backlit and makes videos and pictures a joy to behold.

In addition it makes use of 512MB of RAM, a Dual-Core 1 GHz processor, 4GB of memory (without the addition of a Micro SD card) and Android’s Gingerbread OS. The 5MP camera is keeping with the other phones in its class.

Those are the only aspects of the phone that cannot be criticised. Though because of the look, feel and shear unimpressionable nature of the phone all above pros are completely negated.

The Xperia U being the entry level Xperia is, as one would assume, not very exciting. If you are looking for a phone that just meets the minimum requirements to be in the Smartphone class then look no further. However, if you are expecting a Smartphone that is at its best moments smarter than you, then spending extra is the only solution.

Sony Xperia U Rating: 5/10

Check out the Sony website: Sony

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