Naite 3/4 view

First things, first. The Sony Ericsson Naite is not pronounced Nate, like your plumber. It’s Na-i-te. Pretentious? Na-i-te…

The Na-i-te is part of a new earth-friendly range of cell phones from Sony Ericsson. The GreenHart Range. It looks like the cellphone industry couldn’t pass up the opportunity to exploit our collective guilt. So on principal I hated the Na-i-te. A cell phone that was created for the sole purpose of being PC. I am sure you have realized I don’t buy the global warming thing.

Amazingly, and despite its dodgy credentials. It is a rather decent cell phone. Not outstanding, but well priced, so it does not need to be amazing. It retails for about R2 000, which in cell phone speak is mid-range.


Sony Ericsson is always a sure bet when it comes to build quality. Well sort of, all the eco-friendly’ness of the materials seems to have taken its toll on the quality feel of the device.

The middle button is a bit wonky, the back cover doesn’t quite fit, and the buttons don’t exactly offer great feedback. Despite this the overall feel of the Na-i-te is pretty good, certainly better than most other phones in that price range.

    Operating System:

There really isn’t much to say here. It’s good. It’s Sony Ericsson basic. The same operating system they have been using for years, just with cooler themes. The in call sound quality is good, the calendar is good, the pre-installed applications are good. It’s a good operating system.

The thing is, we live in a world where good, just isn’t enough any more. For the same money you cant buy a clean conscience, but you can buy a better cell phone. The Samsung Star for instance, and the Nokia 6303 are both good bets.

So while I was not very impressed with the Na-i-te, I am rather excited about the future of the Greenpeace-exploiting company. Sony Ericsson has released a few new models that are hitting our shores shortly. These are the Satio, Aino, Xperia X2, Yari and most importantly the Rachael. The Rachael; Sony Ericsson hasn’t had a game changing mobile for a while, I hope this is there comeback.

Sony Ericsson looks like they are going in the right direction. Watch this space.

    Rachael – Sneak Preview

Brendon Ambrose