HTC One V Wallpaper 1

Pay homage to the manliest phone available.

The first feature I noticed about the One V is its extremely large and curved chin. Much like any “manly” man there is a necessity for a pronounced chin that is both wide and strong. I almost thought that when it rang a deep, calming voice would take the role as ringtone, persuading me to answer the call.

As far as I can tell there are two reasons for this chin, the first being that if you place it screen down it is almost impossible to scratch. The second being that the “Beatsaudio” speaker is on the backside of this curve and when playing a video or music there is no muffling of the sound.

That being said, this chin is not the only macho feature this phone possesses. It also boasts a powerful processor, 1 GHz, whilst making use of the latest Snapdragon chipset. This coupled with 512MB of Ram makes for a fluid experience. Not forgetting that the One V is a compact unit weighing in at only 115 grams and is just smaller than the iPhone 4S in dimension.

The One V’s older, bigger brothers the One X and One S are more powerful, though they are also much larger. They boast such a size that we are on the verge of a new era of pocket-size just to preserve the basic principle of a cell phone, portability. Due to its compact size the One V will easily fit in any regular-sized pocket. Once in your hand, you get the distinct impression that HTC used only the best materials making the One V. It feels solid and I assume that when dropped any aesthetic damage will be easily brushed off.

Even though it is much smaller than its competitors HTC hasn’t skimped on many features. These features include: a 5 Megapixel camera, 720p HD video recording, Wi-Fi, Ambient and Proximity Light Sensors, 3.7” 480X800 pixel display and Android OS 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich.

In addition a “manly” man is able to look as good as he operates. The One V is no exception to this thought. A tailor-fitted black suit is usually the attire such men adorn. The simple coal black back, with the indented, understated HTC insignia and slightly darker framed screen is an exact match to the aforementioned apparel.

It looks tremendous and again due to the simplicity of the look it is unassuming. It is classy and modest and will not seem out of place at a banquet or rock concert.

There are two small issues I had however. First, whilst typing in caps-lock the autocorrect seems to think that every misspelled word exists. Second, it has restarted randomly a few times and once or twice at the worst possible moments.

In conclusion the One V is fantastic in every way a smartphone should be. It is neat, powerful, and functional and has all the bells and whistles that I have to come to expect from an HTC. Writers note: before owning this phone a few weeks in the gym may be necessary so that you are not out-manned by it.

HTC One v Rating: 8/10

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