Nokia N97 Mini - Hero

It has been over a year since Nokia launched the N97; Originally, I was quite chuffed by it. Bad news though, almost immediately, the competitors came out with better options. This I imagined would have kicked Nokia into gear; I pictured that their engineers sat down with serious looks on their faces and a goal, to create something utterly mind-blowing. So one year on, with millions of Dollars at their disposal and some of the best minds in the industry, what have Nokia done?

They took the outclassed N97 and… made it smaller.

Never mind the fact that Nokia are still flogging that dead horse they call Symbian, Nokia seem to have lost all imagination as well.

This is what the press release says:

“Sporting new homescreen widgets, this slim device packs 8GB of storage, a tilting 3.2 inch touch display and full QWERTY keyboard all within a 14.2mm thin frame.”

Have you ever head of a more dull upgrade? The poor PR lady even had to resort to using exciting words like “sporting” to try spice it up.

I played with the N97 Mini a little while back and to be honest, it reminds me of an annoying, short fat kid. Its proportions are all wrong. Its not as slim as its Nokia think it is, it sits awkwardly in the hand and doesn’t look nearly as cool as its bigger brother.

There are rumors that Nokia are working on a new version of Symbian paired with some new devices that will make critics like me eat my shoes. The issue is, if it took them a year to shrink a device a centimeter or two, by the time they get their new devices to market the world might have moved on.

Brendon Ambrose