HTC One Family

HTC One S, X & V

Mobile World Congress is the mobile love fest that happens every year in Barcelona Spain. The love was definitely in the air once again this year. As both Sony an then HTC unveiled their love children for the masses to admire. Sunday night kicked off with showstoppers which highlighted the most interesting of the smaller off Broadway, for want of a better analogy, exhibitors. And rhen the big guns were out from both Sony and HTC.

Like Sony, HTC also had a tough few quarters and needed hit the comeback trial. HTC has unveiled its line up for the next few months at least. The new and top of the line phone both specification and build quality wise is the One X. This is a killer device with a 4.7 inch HD screen, and specs that make most other phones look positively ancient.

An Nvidea Tegra 3 quad core processor with 32Gig Ram and free 25gig storage from Dropbox for two years comes standard. A fast high quality 8 megapixel camera with a special enhanced sensor is also included. NFC capability along with DNLA, the ability to use your phone as a media streaming device, on a home network, also comes standard. From the brief look it is a seriously competitive phone.

Along with the One X come two more phones the first is the One S which has a 4.3in HD display with a 540×960 resolution and will be powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. The One S will have a unibody aluminium frame and will be 7.9mm thick, which will make it the firm’s thinnest device to date. The same camera as the One X, along with 16gig Ram, and the 25 Gig free drop box facility, rounds outs the specifications.

The last phone that was shown was the One V. The One V will have the smallest screen of the range, funny how 3.7 inches is small, as this is the same size as the current iPhone 4S. The One V looks a bit like the current Legend phone and will come with 4 gig memory and a 5 megapixel camera.

All the new phones will come with Android ICS 4 and HTC Sense version 4, except for the One V which will have sense 3.6. We have always felt that Sense is one of the most polished and complete skin that runs on Android and sense 4 is even smoother and more polished. The range will start shipping worldwide in April.

All in all a great start to Mobile world Congress and lots to look forward to in mobile phones.

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