I imagine the meeting went something like this.

Chairman: “Morning gentlemen, firstly let me apologize for having this executive meeting in my mothers kitchen. Unfortunately we are loosing money so fast that we have to rent out the boardroom for children’s birthday parties. To get right to the point we need a mobile phone that will sell more units than the bible! This needs to be our saving grace gentlemen”

Head of Marketing: “Sir, this may seem a bit radical but I have an idea.”

Chairman: “We need something, lets hear it”

Head of Marketing: “Considering the current economic climate. What about a niche market, low volume, highly priced mobile phone with no features and a stupid round screen?”

Chairman: “My G-d! That’s brilliant! Well get to it in a minute… Mom! Mervin wants some more Oreos!”

The Motorola Aura, released in Europe has joined the likes of the Nokia 8800 Arte, The Tag Heuer Meridiist and the Vertu in the luxury cellphone market. The people on the interweb that have reviewed the Aura all agree that it is a beautiful thing and wonderfully made as well, but on every other front it is pretty rubbish. It has; No 3G, no Wi-Fi, no expandable memory, no flash on its rather embarrassing 2 megapixel camera and the feather in its cap, a round screen, which is just stupid. It’s Motorola’s dumb blonde, their Paris Hilton. No… Their Derek Zoolander.

The Aura costs a massive $2,000 (R18,000) which is insane for a cellphone, especially considering that the same company makes cellphones for about $15 (R135) The Aura is of first class craftsmanship. The Swiss-made main bearing is just one of 200 components of the “assisted opening blade mechanism”. Now try sound cool when explaining that! For that matter what are you going to say when your mates ask you “why does your phone have a round screen?”

I’m doing this all wrong, the Aura is not about functions, features and practicality, its about style, class, and “being really, really, ridiculously good looking”

A full review will follow if Motorola trusts us with their R18 000 cellphone.


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