The Chinese technology giant, Huawei, launched their mid-range Ascent G510 smartphone in Sandton last night. The G510 is an Android 4.1 powered smartphone with a 4.5″ (854×480) screen and a 1.2Ghz dual core processor.

The G510 was launched with Huawei’s South African partners, Vodacom and Edcon with no mention of pricing. It is rumoured that the G510 will be retailing at a sub-2000 ZAR price point – making the G510 a direct BlackBerry Curve competitor.

Basing their market strategy at undercutting the competition in price and producing better quality devices, CEO of Huawei South Africa, Wilson Liu, stated that Huawei are aiming to capture 5% of the Smartphone market. In a very confusing bar chart,  GFK broke down the sales of smartphones in South Africa indicating that Android is currently the leading smartphone OS in the country and this lead is growing.

Hands-On – First Impression

Huawei Ascend G510 smartphone

The G510 is a solid feeling smartphone made entirely from plastic. It appears that it will age well due to the lack of chrome elements and painted on colours. That said, it is not exactly beautiful. In fact, the design is actually rather uninspired.

The screen is clear and responsive, working well with Huawei’s Emotion UI which allows quite substantial homescreen customisation. The Emotion UI is apparently aided in design by 300 members of the Huawei Fan Club. The Emotion UI appears to be snappy, responsive and not requiring too much of the processor. In addition, the 5 megapixel camera captured surprisingly good low-light images.

The Ascend G510 comes with a rather powerful battery and considering the lean UI and screen size, pretty good battery life can be expected.

Overall, the Ascend G510 comes across as an extremely competent Android handset, with an intuitive Android overlay, decent build quality and an extremely competitive price point.


The Huawei Ascend G510 will be available from CNA, Edgars and Vodashops from July 2013, the anticipated retail Price of  under R2000,  makes the device super competitive for the build quality and specifications.

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