BlackBerry Curve 9320 - Left

Today is a special day, why? Well RIM just launched a new, cheap-as-chips smartphone in South Africa and it is quite possibly the most important smartphone the company has launched to date.
The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 smartphone rocks the BlackBerry messaging and social features of its big brothers, as well as 3G and Wi-F, all powered by a long life battery, which RIM promises will be better than the last curve. It also sports all of the features of a high-end smartphone, such as the ability to act as a mobile hotspot, GPS and BlackBerry’s legendary keyboard. Interestingly though, it has a dedicated key to access BBM, which should go down well with the “youths”.
While on the topic of “youths”, recently BlackBerry was voted ‘Coolest Brand Overall’ by South Africa’s youth in the recent Sunday Times ‘Generation Next’ Brand Survey Awards. Which is awesome for them but more importantly it shows the discrepancy between our developing market, here in South Africa and the market in the developed world.
According to ComScore in the USA BlackBerry’s market share is down 2% on last year to 11.4%, while here in South Africa BlackBerry is sitting at over 44%, or roughly half of the smartphone market and this number is still growing!
In my view this is where BlackBerry is going to shine. RIM may well drop their pursuit of the high-end smartphone market in developed nations. Instead focus their efforts on devices like the new Curve 9320 in countries where true connectivity is still expensive.

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