The French left early, The Italians couldn’t fight, the Americans waited until the last moment and the English are left to fight the Germans. Sound familiar? Well it’s surprising you can hear any sounds at all after 3 weeks of Vuvuzela blasting.

Vuvuzela Graph

Vuvuzela Graph

And now you don’t have to overtly tell people that you’re the kind of idiot who would blow a vuvuzela in a shopping centre by actually carrying a vuvuzela. But like so many other situations, the universe has decided to say : “There’s an app for that.”

This one called “vuvuzela 2010” in particular, and it’s now free, so if you just spent $500 on a new iPhone 4, firstly, don’t hold it by the sides, secondly I hate you, and thirdly if you want everyone else in earshot to hate you even more, well, like we said. There’s an app for that

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Arieh Esra
Assistant Editor