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Oh my, this is amazing, for about 5 minutes and after that it becomes tedious, repetitive and downright annoying.

The Amazing Spider-Man’s predecessors, Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time, were awesome and completely rubbish respectively.

Shattered Dimensions was an epic title and had so much going for it. The simplicity of movement, the range of different attacks, the comic book styled graphics and of course, the humorous as ever; good ol’ Spidey.

On the other hand however, Edge of Time was dull and dreary due to it being exactly the same as Shattered Dimensions with the exception of slightly different graphics and a few extra fighting moves. It was a display of lazy developing and of course, the pursuit of making a quick buck or two.

The Amazing Spider-Man does have a few fantastic aspects. First and foremost you are in Manhattan swinging about in a sandbox styled environment. There are collectibles and side-missions, found within the city and in different missions, all of which assist in achieving a higher level.

In addition the gameplay is terrifyingly simple, so much so that gran and grandpa can fight evil like the best of us. During combat, certain combos and special moves produce an awesome cinematic which makes every fight absolute eye candy. Finally, the upgrade menu is linear and making use of your new upgrade is effortless.

However that is where the amazement ends and abruptly at that. The fighting quickly becomes monotonous and there is only so much eye candy that one can indulge on. It becomes so colourless that most of the time you would rather climb up on the ceiling above everyone and avoid all fights altogether. The combos and special moves are severely limited and by that I mean there are, as far as I can tell, two in total.

The storyline is linear and predictable. There is no single point where I was astonished or even entertained by the tale. Spidey’s normal humorous self was non-existent or lame at best.

The graphics were almost visually scarring and there were moments where I had to look down at my controller to make sure I was in fact playing on a modern console and not Nintendo 64.

Characters are so unrefined in their detail and take on an almost blurred form, almost as if to avoid lengthy development times. The environments are all non-interactive and if there are aspects within them that are interactive they are usually the same throughout each environment. Surely a dumpster looks out of place in an advanced scientific laboratory.

Finally there is no soundtrack to speak of and the silence becomes rather indicative of the entire games lack in showmanship.

As a big fan of Spider-Man I am again very disappointed to announce much like Edge of Time, The Amazing Spider-Man is a flop. If the graphics were better, there were more fighting moves and the storyline was less deathly boring then the game would be sensational. However they aren’t, there isn’t and it surely is not. The game, for me, was another failure.

The Amazing Spiderman Rating: 5/10

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