iFrogz Boost Wallpaper 1

iFrogz audio has come up with a nifty portable speaker that literally requires NO wires to “connect” to your mobile phone and play music.

I use the word connect loosely in this regard as the boost boils down to nothing more than a compact microphone connected to an amplifier and speakers. The concept is awesome and due to the Boost’s size, sleek looks and decent audio it is actually very functional.

Place your mobile device on top of the Boost whilst it is playing music or a sound clip and voila amplified sound. Each device will need to be positioned slightly different to achieve maximum performance from the Boost. At maximum performance this little speaker box can achieve great quality sound even though it has tiny drivers.

In addition the boost can run off batteries or off a micro USB cable. The Boost also has an AUX input jack which of course makes it even more practical.

On top of that it feels very solid and the matt black finish makes an otherwise bland looking box look neat and respectable.

If you are tired of Shox and their somewhat disappointing performance then the iFrogz Boost is exactly what you need.

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