Movie titles that have been made into gaming titles are more often than not absolute flops. If the movie was tremendously engulfing and a complete blockbuster the gaming recreation stands a better chance of being a hit.

Enter “Star Trek”.

However, if the movie is horrendously rubbish to begin with the recurring downfall and possibility of failure is always infinitely more probable.

Enter “Fast and Furious Showdown”.

Can these two titles contradict the norm and be successful where many of their peers failed? Comparing them to each other would ultimately lead to Star Trek having the edge due to the movies’ and series’ successes when pitted against the Fast and Furious saga.

Thus, these titles will be critiqued based on titles of average standing that have no link to Hollywood.


F and F Showdown has the exact same graphics as Monster Truck Madness. If haven’t played that game then imagine Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit on the lowest graphics settings. If that doesn’t ring any bells then take any modern racing title put it into your disc tray, begin a race, hit pause, take a hammer and smash your screen about eight times being careful not to create any holes, the un-pause and continue playing. I wish I were exaggerating but I was truly astonished that a title released in 2013 would have such useless graphics.

Star Trek displays graphics that are neither disappointing nor mind-boggling. It is on par with the likes of Hitman Absolution and Inversion. Though, I was expecting more as it derives from a large budget film that blew many non-trekkies away.


F and F is as about as precise and realistic as the film series, however when you see the idiotic manoeuvres and stunts in the movie they are exciting but when playing the title simple actions like turning a corner result in lamppost, wall, oncoming traffic and low and behold your car is made from indestructible materials. This may sound like fun but it soon becomes nothing more than frustrating and boring. When using your NOS reserves the screen outer-edge blurs a little and your speed increases numerically but in terms of control nothing changes and using NOS becomes nothing more than a gimmick to outrun pursuers.

Star Trek features the most basic third-person shooter style. However, the camera angle is too far away and diagonal from the character and often you will be gunned down because your enemy is perfectly blocked by the character himself. This is, admittedly, a pedantic criticism but compared to other third-person shooters the difference is noticeable. Another problem was the basic and very minimalistic movement system. Climbing up or falling down from ledges was tedious and inaccurate and would cause minor irritation. One saving grace is the ability to play as either Spock or Kirk.


F and F is about as interesting as the movies, yet like the movies you still find yourself becoming involved and willing the good guys on. It is almost vexing and even though it lacks depth, originality, twists, powerful scripting, gripping characters, imagination, interest and excitement you will undoubtedly play the title right to the very end to confirm your assumptions and predictions.

Star Trek is interesting and has a somewhat original story that will cause the bare minimum amount of intrigue needed to complete the title. That being said, the storyline and characters will be more enjoyable if you have seen the modern movies and even more so if you are a Trekkie.
Though, both storylines are not going to be winning any awards for their relative pros and cons.


No, both these titles, much like their peers, fail abysmally. They do not persuade me that movie titles converted into gaming titles are capable of being any good. They are run-of-the-mill at best and will not be purchased by non-Trekkies and non-Fast and Furious fans.

Star Trek is a decent title but because its movie counterpart was fantastic it pales in comparison. Fast and The Furious Showdown is terrible regardless of its creative source which is also absolute hogwash.

Unfortunately, the possibility of redemption lies with the next recreation of a Hollywood’s next endeavor.

Star Trek Rating: 6/10

Fast and Furious Showdown Rating: 4/10

Check out the Star Trek website: Star Trek

I know this is not the F and F Showdown trailer but I figured this trailer would be equally useless!

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