Ubisoft’s latest title places you in the shoes of one, Jason Brody, a sky-diving adrenaline junky who lands on an island of paradise with a group of friends. The problem with most islands of paradise in the 21st century though, is that they are generally inhabited by blood thirsty pirates. What makes the Rook Islands so special, aside from the utter beauty flowing from every cliff or cave, is the fact that the islands are so full of life.

Animals and plants freely co-exist and are vital to your survival. Plants provide ingredients to create many different potions from medicine to heightened sensitivity of animals to protection from fire. Animals, like Red Dead Redemption, are used to aid you in your troubles too. Farcry has taken it to a completely new level. In order to carry certain items you need to craft satchels or purses that can hold them. This crafting ability extends far too many aspects of the game and it is not something that is compulsory but it is something that brings a new dynamic to the game. So for those of you who are very ‘green’ perhaps this is one title you should give a miss. Animals of all shapes and sizes: sharks, tigers and crocs to komodo dragons, deer and buffalo are roaming the world. We should all just remember these animals ARE NOT REAL and simply virtual representations of their realistic counterparts!

Taking over enemy bases is something reminiscent of GTA San Andreas and something that is more fun simply because of the choice involved in every approach. Release wild animals to destroy tribes, sneak around using silent weapons or go in guns blazing like a real man. Gameplay is something I truly enjoyed as it is so easy to find cover, shoot, slide, sneak, swim, change weapons and destroy a drug dealer’s dreams all at once. Weapons come in all shapes and sizes and upgrades are available to equip and improve your tools of destruction. Creativity, I find, is always best whilst pursuing your goals.

Discovery is part of what makes this game such a gem. Exploration opens up new doors and worlds that are always so rewarding. Jason is tasked with finding his friends who are captured by pirates who sell both people and drugs. At the beginning of the game Jason is innocent but through gaining ‘tatau’ (tattoos) he unlocks certain abilities which help him to survive such a ruthless world. These skills are simple improvements that help you to utilise the game in unique ways. Cars, quad bikes, para-gliders and motorboats are just some of the ways you can explore the islands and everywhere you go options open up. From bounty missions to hunting quests, Farcry 3 forces you to appreciate one of the most impressive open
world environments ever created.

Other characters that make a part of the storyline are all vibrant, even Vaas the ultimate bad guy is brilliant. This game is for the mature, from the humour to the violence and large drug undertones.

It is hard to look at this game and find faults that hold any water. Anything subtracting from the impressiveness of this title is simply nit-picking. This game is something unique and something special. If you want a Christmas present and plan on buying one then Farcry 3 will not disappoint, unless the recipient is a hippy.

Definitely my first choice for title of the year.

Farcry 3 Rating: 9/10

Check out the Farcry 3 website: Farcry 3

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