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Corvo, a bodyguard who is framed for the murder of the beloved Empress will discover the truth through any means possible and considering that Dunwall, a dark industrial city, is filled with other-worldly magical forces the possibilities are endless…

Throughout the game you find certain ‘runes’ which enable Corvo to cast supernatural spells. These powers range from from the ability to possess animals and people to short teleportation and time warping. The correct combination of such powers and other weapons and gadgets give you the ability to be both devastating and unseen at the same time. Moral choice is a big undertone to this game as it is possible to choose whether or not to kill. Thus when you decide to kill their deaths are extremely violent.

Missions are fun to do as there are so many options to choose from. For example: you can possess a rat to crawl into a locked room and upon returning to your original form pause time so as to remain unseen. Keeping enemies alive with the use of sleeping darts, strangulation or any other non-lethal means has benefits which become apparent later on in the game while killing enemies and innocents will have adverse consequences. Corvo’s actions echo throughout Dunwall and in the end contributes to the outcome of the storyline itself. Side missions are also available and upon completion certain rewards are received which all help the growth of Corvo.

Graphically the game is a marvel, and Arkane have developed a beautiful backdrop that can be explored in great detail. Items are scattered all over, there are many things to interact with and it just takes some exploration to uncover new items and new ways in which to complete certain tasks. Throwing bottles, hiding in dustbins or setting traps can ensure your covert status. One criticism I have is that there are so many powers that when it comes to switching in-between them it can often interrupt the fluidity of the game.

This title brings strategy back into first-person games and is reminiscent of games like Deus Ex or Bioshock where the correct paths taken create for more entertaining and different outcomes. Take time to explore the environment and in doing so new discoveries can aid your cause. While Corvo is not programmed as a killer his powers and weapons make it very tempting to destroy absolutely but it is most common that players will take the quieter path. A silent assassin.

The game has a re-playability factor that’ll keep you going for ages. The harder levels bring about new challenges where bodies must be hidden and enemies are more vigilant. Freedom of action and open level design coupled with the ability to upgrade weapons, sights and charms gives substance to a game full of brilliance.

Dishonored Rating: 8/10

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