Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Wallpaper 2

This is epic, such a lot of fun and non-stop at that. High ammo capacities, weapons that sound different and “feel” like they are powerhouses and of course enemies that want nothing more than to get the shot off first.

The Modern Warfare series lacks the history of the Battlefield series but makes up for it in gameplay excellence. It is adrenalin inducing, engulfing and insanely amusing. Not forgetting that the storyline isn’t half bad either.

However, and oh my, this is large however, MW3 is exactly like MW2 with slightly tweaked graphics, more guns and a follow-up storyline. Now in most cases like this one the statement: “don’t fix what isn’t broken” applies but that is not to say that a few modifications cannot be added.
As far as I can tell the storyline was the developers’ main concern, as good and unpredictable as it is gameplay should always be the main focus.

If I wanted a great storyline I would read a book or watch a movie. From breaching a room, to operating a UCAV, to moving from cover to cover the feel is the same. Your cover is indestructible and the movement of the AI is so predictable that if you keep you sight on the same spot long enough you would probably have a chance of hitting every enemy.

The AI on the most difficult level are quite simply too easy to take out. It just isn’t challenging at all. MW3 isn’t really centred about the AI and rather about the online multiplayer and I’m sure you have guessed is exactly the same as MW3 predicessor. Well, not exactly but close enough that if you didn’t know which was in your machine, MW2 or MW3, you would definitely have to open up and look.

As with so many games these days it isn’t about what the gamer really wants but rather how full the people making the games can get their pockets. MW3 is a sell-out and although still brilliantly fluid and madly enjoyable but you will always be reminded how similar it is to its predecessor. Which in turn, for me at least, ruins the experience altogether.

Yet if storyline does interest you then MW3 is superb and really does portray: a world at war for the wrong reasons as best as I can imagine.

Thus, MW3 is really just an end, storyline wise, to a lucrative series or maybe just maybe there is another instalment? I will let you be the judge.

MW3 is still really good fun and if you are a fanatic then look no further because you will still be satisfied. However, if you are looking for an in-depth and gameplay oriented FPS then hold off for now and join the ever-growing crowd in waiting for one.
Writers note: I’m back on the fence between BF and MW, gosh darn I hate being so indecisive.

COD MW3 Rating: 7/10

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