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Ubisoft have decided to take a famous and successful title to ‘another level’…again. After all, it is not as though any title from the Assassin’s Creed series has ever been any different. In any sequel the first thing any gamer tries to spot is the contrast between what ‘was’ and what ‘is’, that special something that makes for a more refreshing and exciting experience. I have always been enthralled by the story of Desmond and the Templars and I have always wanted to follow this journey to its end. From the first time I jumped off of a church tower into a stack of hay until today there is a need to understand why the Animus exists, why the Creed is what it is and why I am killing yet another politician.

You begin the latest saga in a very slow manner, if I’m honest. An approach that is both impressive and disappointing. Graphically speaking
Assassin’s Creed 3 is a digital orgasm, a masterpiece if you will, placing the new protagonists (yes that means more than one) in all sorts of beautiful environments from the high seas of the Atlantic to 1775 Boston and New York. It almost feels as though you are watching a movie as you follow the storyline and gather information that ultimately seals off what has been quite a journey. Although we all love a good flick there is reasoning behind the fact that we are addicted to gaming as we are in need of something more: interaction. The first 2 hours of this title feel as though every command must be followed which leads to arbitrary button pressing lacking in any sense of skill or technique. It is difficult to engage in something that constantly stops flowing and although the cut-scenes can be amazing they are often rather boring and ill-timed.

The gameplay is obviously improved where climbing buildings is far easier than its predecessors and fluidity of your motions are almost seamless. No longer are we left with those awkward jumps into nothingness or changing camera angles killing your awesome assassin ‘vibes’. As abovementioned you play as more than one character which can get confusing at times. Stories intertwine in a rather clever manner but yet again, I will revert to what has been and what is, again, part of the Creed: An unchangeable world where nothing requires much intellect or pre-meditated thought.

The days of old are back, hold in a button until the time comes to strike and then deliver the killing blow. We all love the counter attacking cut scenes and the way that it is possible to destroy twenty armed men with an array of weapons but this system is not realistic and rather boring after a while. The new Assassin’s Creed incorporates some new weaponry and some clever options allowing you to choose how to complete a mission but it still lacks an excitement factor. Missions are similar to previous titles ranging from eves-dropping and information gathering to plain old murder. Side quests, such as hunting (cough Red Dead Redemption cough), can be fun but unlocking them requires exploration to the last degree. An exciting new system of naval battles allows you to control a ship and go to battle with other maritime bad guys and is probably a step in the right direction for those looking for some form of change.

In my opinion, this is definitely the best AC there is. Every aspect has been improved upon from gameplay and graphics to the music. It is an impressive title but one that leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. I will not lie and say that it was not enjoyable however; it was not ‘fun’. The game has gotten to a point where the assets are ignored because of the repetitiveness involved throughout. If you loved the previous titles then this is a winner as it is the best of them all and although the cities are slightly bland compared to the European counterparts the game is a marvel. If you never played any of the previous titles then the storyline might be far too confusing but the gameplay will be new and fresh which means you will almost definitely enjoy it. If, however, you have played the previous titles and are unsure of getting the new one, then don’t. It is a photocopy on a different type of paper and although it is worth playing it might not be worth buying.

Assassins Creed 3 Rating: 7/10

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