The holiday season is soon approaching and game developers have become crazy trying to get the titles out.

Bandai has re-mastered Dragonball Z: Budokai and Budokai 3 which were the 2 bestselling Dragonball Z titles. Activision has done something similar in that they have taken all the greatest missions in the 007 franchise and compiled one massive, epic adventure for Daniel Craig’s CG lookalike.

Back in their prime these separate title were fantastic, entertaining and of course ahead of their time. That being said the gaming industry has come a long way since those titles and re-mastered or not they both seem archaic.


007 titles of late have been nothing more than disappointing. 007 Legends is no different and if anything has fallen even further behind. The graphics lack definition, depth and will struggle to hold its own when compared to a nursery drawing titled “My House”. I get the feeling that the attempt to revamp the graphics meant tonnes of work for the developers and instead of taking their time they instead lowered the graphics of the more modern Bonds to make the whole project easier to achieve.

Budokai uses the exact same style and is reminiscent of its PS2 days, so not very impressive. Even the screen resolution was kept the same and a border fills the width of your screen. Budokai 3 on the other hand is somewhat impressive and will almost fool you into believing it was made this year, until you notice the backgrounds and Ki blasts are quite basic to say the least.

Neither of these titles will cause any aesthetic pleasure but I assume that is not what their selling points will be.


Both these titles play exactly the same as they did in their youth. They are slow, dim-witted and lack any real precision.
The 007 movement system is simple to use and tremendously easy to master. There is no cover system to speak of and jumping and crouching are your only means to avoid the enemy. Aiming and shooting is not as precise as you would expect from a modernised title but will do the job especially if you just spray and pray.

Both Budokia 1 and 3 make use of four buttons: punch, kick, Ki blast and guard. The triggers and bumpers have no effect and with a small amount of practice soon you will be destroying any competitor in your path.

Once again I concede that gameplay is neither of these titles forte, though I trust what is their selling point is as obvious to you as it is to me.


What 007 fan in their right mind wouldn’t want to play every great mission Ian Fleming has dreamt up over the years? 007 Legends encompasses: Goldfinger, Moonraker, Licence to Kill and a few more including the brand new Skyfall as a download pack. Now I understand why Activision would release an otherwise silly title.

As for Dragonball Z Budokai 1 and 3 the storyline has not been changed at all as the original needed no changes. Dragonball Z fans will be glad to know that they even kept the original Japanese voice cast to make the experience even more authentic. Playing as Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo and of course Goku is always a Dragonball Z fans greatest pleasure so it seems fitting that all the characters have remained the same and you can play as whichever one you takes your fancy.

Thus bringing me to both these titles selling points…a testament to what used to be. Perfect timing as Christmas is around the corner and thus if you are a fan of either then no other gift would be better suited than these. If you are a fan then it is time to get off your chair and get out there and spend some hard earned cash so that you can relive those good old’ memories. Both titles will definitely satisfy that crazy need we all have once in a while of experiencing our chequered or boring pasts.

007 Legends Rating: 5/10

Dragonball Z Budokai Rating: 6/10

Check out the 007 website: 007 Legends

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