Microsoft has launched its first Lumia phone in South Africa — the Lumia 535.

What’s interesting about this phone is that it really brings what used to be a medium ranged phone down towards being more of an entry level phone with some pretty impressive specs.

In addition, there will be another dual SIM variant of the phone, which will launch exclusively with Cell C.

The 535 comes in at R1699 recommended retail price or R149 on contract. What do you get with that?

It has a 5 inch qHD resolution – 540×960 pixels with a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor, including 1GB of RAM and has 8GB of built in storage, with a microSD expandable storage slot.

Light on specs, but supported on services

The 8GB of on storage is pretty low given the OS is on there as well, but the expandable slot and the 15GB of OneDrive storage, along with up to 30GB of storage if you log in from the phone, does solve that problem somewhat.

If you are a Office 365 user, storage is unlimited.

The 535 also comes with Dropbox integration and a nice Skype view for video calling. It comes with the latest version of the OS Lumia Denim which means it has things like folders on the live tile screen.

Happy Happy

The last reason for the launch today was because the phone actually says Microsoft on the front and back of the device and the Nokia team is now fully integrated into the Microsoft team, with the promise of support on all devices and that Denim will come to previous Lumia devices shortly.

So if you’re a Windows Phone fan and a dual SIM fan in particular, this is a great getting around device that will keep you on the go and connected.

It has just gone into retail so ask at your nearest mobile network operator store.