Parrot Minikit+ Wallpaper 4

Have you ever wondered if a voice recognition hands-free kit would work in a limousine? Me neither but it turns out this Minikit+ would. Depending on how good your Bluetooth adapter is the ability of this Parrot is staggering. I was able to walk at least 20 metres away from my phone without the signal becoming distorted.

For once a voice recognition kit does not call Dean if I ask to call Martin. In fact, it is completely accurate as long as you accentuate the name correctly. It also seems to be able to translate certain names, for instance I asked to call Jorge and it then, quite impressively, said call George? This blew my mind to an extent.

In addition the Parrot is able to connect to 2 phones simultaneously and import each and all of their contacts. It is also able to manage incoming calls from both phones by voice.

What really sold me on the unit was its ability to announce driving directions assuming your smartphones is able to make use of GPS applications.

The Parrot Minikit+ is truly a masterpiece in hands-free driving kits.

Check out the Parrot website: Parrot

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