Doctor Evil - $3000000?

Yes, the BlackBerry PlayBook may appear to be the bastard love child a Motorola Xoom and an iPad 2, but we believe that this new OS from BlackBerry has serious legs. So, if you haven’t started already it is worth checking out the plausibility of developing for BlackBerry Apps.

Now though, The BlackBerry Partners Fund (an independent venture capital firm focused exclusively on mobile computing) has launched the fourth annual BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge that makes developing for the OS even more viable.

Enter your BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry PlayBook applications in a series of competitions to win part of US$3 million in prizes. Regional winners will be selected – North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific. South African’s have to compete with the Middle East, but BlackBerry is blocked in half of region so we should have this one in the bag.

Three competitions

The Best Adobe Flash or Adobe AIR app

Submissions: April 28, 2011 through August 12, 2011

The most Innovative BlackBerry WebWorks app on the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 6.

Submissions: May 9, 2011 through August 26, 2011

The most addictive social app using the BBM Social Platform.

Submissions: Check the Challenge website

I addition to the Challenge, will be recognising applications in six categories to receive a Recognition Award. This is akin to the “Achievement Award” you got in primary school but this one actually means something.

The recipients, who will be recognized regionally, will be selected in the following categories:

  • Best B2C application developed for a customer by an Agency or ISV
  • Most useful enterprise application
  • Best website conversion using the BlackBerry WebWorks platform
  • Most creative implementation of Super App characteristics
  • Top Performers – Most innovative use of Payment Service and/or Advertising Service
  • Academic – Most compelling app created by student or faculty

Judging and Prizes

The winners of the 2011 BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge will be recognised at the 2011 BlackBerry Developer Conference (DEVCON), October 18 to 20 in San Francisco. Judges will evaluate all applications submitted based on their quality, innovation, creativity and compelling user experience.

The prizes for 2011 are valued at $3 million, almost double the value of prizes awarded in 2010. The first 100 eligible applications submitted to each of the three competitions in the Challenge will receive “prize packages” i.e. geeky party packs.

Prizes will also, be awarded to applications selected as the first and second losers (2nd and 3rd place) and a winner in each competition in each region.

Prizes include:

  • Placement on the BlackBerry App World featured carousel for one week – this has made many previously unknown applications.
  • BlackBerry smartphones and tablets
  • Membership in the BlackBerry Alliance Program – not sure what that is, but it sounds important.
  • BlackBerry accessory gift certificates


BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge, including complete rules, guidelines, awards and prize packages for each Challenge and each Recognition Award

Submit an application to the BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge

BlackBerry Developer Conference 2011



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