FNB have released their latest on-line banking App, focused on Tablets. This has been a busy week for Apps from the big banks in South Africa, with ABSA launching their App last week. The Tablet focused App from FNB compliments a much larger tablet device strategy for the Bank. Mobile devices have become the de facto way that over 450 000 clients of FNB now do their banking, and FNB are confident that their new App will become the way most customers bank in the future.

Farren Roper Head FNB Connect ISP and Business Operations.

Farren Roper Head FNB Connect ISP and Business Operations.

“The new Banking App, designed specifically for tablet devices, was developed with ease-of-use as a key priority and utilises the full capability of the latest tablet devices. It is completely custom-made and not a re-skin of our existing smartphone App.” said Farren Roper, Head of FNB Connect ISP and Business Operations.

The FNB Banking App for tablets is content rich, both inside and outside of login. FNB customers will also be presented with customised content according to their profile. The content currently is limited to promotional material, but we were assured that this will change to more relevant content in the near future.

Non-FNB customers will have access to information about FNB products, promotions and reward. The new Banking App is fully interactive and in a first for any Retail Bank in South Africa, an FNB account can now be opened via the App in a few minutes and in real time.

Roper pointed out that according to the research firm IDC, year-on-year sales for tablet devices have grown by 78.4%, compared to laptop and desktop computers, which have declined by 4.1%. The tablet market grew more than 80% and surpassed 128 million units shipped globally last year. The firm expects tablet shipments to surpass desktop PC shipments for the first time in 2013. In addition, IDC forecasts tablets will outpace “portable” PC shipments next year. Currently, South Africa has more than an estimated 1.3 million tablets in circulation, and is expected to follow the global trend to tablets.

As part of FNB’s larger tablet strategy, which includes selling the top brand name tablets directly, customers and consumers can get their tablet devices pre-loaded with the FNB App Tablet Banking App, together with free connectivity. The aim is to create an ecosystem that matches the lifestyle of the digital consumers well as enhance and simplify their banking experience.

In addition to the new content, new account openings, and applying for products, some of the other functionality contained in the App includes; viewing of accounts, viewing detailed balances, changing limits, viewing transaction history, viewing eBucks, once-off payments, multiple payments, forex and calculators, send money, prepaid airtime and electricity.

FNB App Accounts Overview

FNB App Accounts Overview

In use the App is very simple to use, drag and drop and tap is well implemented and visual cues for your various accounts are well utilised. In many ways the App is easier to use and as functional as full internet banking via a Web browser.

The App can be downloaded from the various App Stores for Android, Apple, and Windows 8 Tablets, running full Windows 8. No information was forthcoming on Blackberry Tablets or Windows Phone 7 or 8.

For More information go to www.fnb.co.za

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