Here at TechHuman we believe in speaking our minds, of course tempered with a touch of reality and an unbiased view. That said, from my totally unbiased point of view – the PS3 is rubbish and Xbox 360 is godlike.

Here is a breakdown of the two new comers to the interactive, immersive world of motion controlled gaming.

PS3 Move – Wii’s Bigger Blacker Brother

The PS3 Move is “taking motion control gaming to a whole new level”, well not really. The Wii beat them to it. This is sad to say, but PS3 gamers, gloating about your 8 processors, your 6 axis remote, and your much more powerful machine are one step behind the curve, again.

Move makes use of the Playstation Eye, an ancient technology, that was used for Eye Toy on the PS2; one new feature is the camera now has the ability to track you as you move around.

PS3 Move - Eye Toy

PS3 Move - Eye Toy

I’m sure not many hard-core PS3 gamers will remember the frivolous Eye Toy. In conjunction with the ridiculous looking Wii like remote, with a ball like growth on top, Move Motion Controller and another plain black Wii like remote – sorry Move Navigation Controller.

PS3 Move - Controllers

PS3 Move - Controllers

The system isn’t exactly going for originality.

That said, The PS3 Move has got precise motion control spot on. The accuracy of your motion is absolutely astounding. With minimal delay and ultra-smooth operation, is where Move distances itself from Wii.

This flailing about with a glowing ball is all good and well, but what about the hard-core gamers?

Well, PS3 has got the technology, eight processors, a killer graphics card and an active backend of software engineers constantly updating the device. With this in mind, I am rather looking forward to Time Crisis: Raizing Storm and Socom 4. Hopefully, in the future we could be seeing the likes of Final Fantasy or Call of Duty making an appearance.

All in all PS3 Move could produce the goods and has already got a strong foothold in terms of games offered. PS3 Move will be good… but Xbox Kinect, that’s going to be something else!

Xbox Kinect – Be That Kickass Ninja, Without A Remote

Let’s start with the main feature – remotes – there are none. No funny looking, colour changing balls or phoney Wii remote wannabees, no no no, just me and a TV screen. All I require is the Kinect sensor and a pair of arms and legs.

XBox 360 Slim - Kinect Bar

XBox 360 Slim - Kinect Bar

Just imagine driving your favourite car at high speeds on your favourite track with almost realistic images, all whilst holding nothing but air. You can look into corners before you take them, change gears, slam on brakes, mash the throttle all with natural movements.

Better yet think of the sheer excitement you could have playing Gears of War in your living room! Some useless Beserker pops you one and you return the favour by literally running up to him, and using your chain saw melee weapon to split him in two. But how you do this is by running on the spot lifting your hands and moving them in the correct direction. I’m not saying Gears of War for Kinect has been developed or is actually going to be, but with Microsoft’s innovative nature, it may become a reality.

Let’s not forget that the Kinect sensor, besides being able to track you like the PS3 eye has also got voice recognition. Yes voice recognition, eat your hearts out. Say hello and it turns on, say goodbye and it turns off! Basically, what’s on the screen just needs to be said and the Xbox will load it.

Another great feature is the ability to connect to another Xbox user and chat live on screen. On top of that you can scan your own clothing or your own gear to be used in game assuming the game has that specific feature. Scrolling through menus is now done by gesturing your hand back and forth. To get to the point the possibilities seem endless!

Now you may be thinking hold on where’s the catch? Well, if the system doesn’t work like Microsoft says it does then it will be the hugest flop. But at the moment the demonstration videos and user’s comments seem to be entirely positive. Kinect is undoubtedly Legendary! No remotes, an already large game development unit in place and Microsoft’s innovative thinking… it is going to EPIC!

Josh “Swift” Sack
Gaming Editor