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The Kinect is an Xbox 360 attachment that allows the player to interact with the Xbox without a remote. It is the future of gaming and a step closer to making all technology that much more tangible. The Kinect makes use of two cameras to track you in 3D as well as voice and facial recognition allowing you to control your entire experience with the Xbox using gestures.

The ability to play a game without any need for a peripheral component is truly astounding. However, once the amazement wears off you understand what a huge leap of innovation the Kinect undeniably is.

This technology should lead to something much larger than interactive gaming on your Xbox, PS3 or Wii. We could, in the near future, be reaching out in unprecidented ways to operate all forms of technology.

Already similar tech is used worldwide, as seen with the Microsoft Surface 2.0. This computing evolution is unbelievable to the say the least. It is a physical “desk top” that is used through human touch. It’s features are almost out of a science fiction flick, yet the experience is familiar enough that adoption should be seamless.

Other such innovations are found using voice activation and gestures to operate televisions. Say volume up or gesture it and it’s done. Although there are few applied uses of this tech, they still exist. This leads me to think that gestures are to play a major role in future tech.

Kinect Review:

It is a tad lag ridden and not as accurate as the Move. It does require a lot of room and it sometimes doesn’t work smoothly.

The Wii was the Ferrari Enzo to gaming and the Move was the Enzo FXX to the Wii. The Kinect is the flying car to the Move.

It is not comparable to Move or Wii as it is on its own level. It has no competitors and will not for quite a while. It is surely the most fun I have had gaming in years. The silly, contorted positions you find yourself in at times are hilarious. The fact that after only a few minutes you are grasped by the shear entertainment of it is already a severe indication that it is brilliant.

You begin to involve yourself to the point that actual exercise is done. Now a lot of gamers just cringed thinking that the Kinect is a scam to get “fatties” off their couches. Well I’ll tell you this much, the Kinect is worth the hypothetical sweat you will endure. The unadulterated joy and, if taken seriously, the entertainment you experience is of epic proportions.

The Kinect is not only a gaming extension but also allows you to do quite a bit more. It has the ability to video chat with your mates, you realise that the Kinect can be used for far more than just gaming.

It will load your profile based on facial recognition, it will listen to what you say assuming your command exists as an action the Kinect knows. It will blow your mind when you realise what you are participating in.

Granted at the best of times my neighbours, if the see me, will think I’m a tad looney speaking gesturing towards my TV. However, I don’t care cause the only reason why they would be watching me is because they haven’t gotten one yet.

A release such as Ubisofts “Fighters Uncaged” is awesome as you really put the limits of physicality and flexibility to the test. This game allows you to kick someone’s ass and walk out without one scratch. You throw jabs, hook him once or twice, he gets too close knee him the stomach and once he backs off finish him with a roundhouse to the head. IT IS FLIPPIN’ FANTASTIC!

Following this benchmark game developers will have the world at their feet and hopefully they will produce something even more bonkers. The technology is very new and releases will be slow at first but once they get the idea the flood gates will open.

If you don’t have a Kinect get one. If your reasoning is because PS3 or Wii is better than enjoy waiting for them to release something similar because much like my bored neighbours you’ll be watching yours have a blast with the Kinect.

Rating: 9/10

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