NHL 12 VS NFL 12

In the previous versus article I was completely ignorant when it came to both Ice Hockey and American Football. My fondness for not only the actual sports but also the titles has developed in the last year. This has resulted in a few nights spent with a Bud watching the game. Cardinals rock my world; sort of.

Thus, this versus will come down to what each games offers to the fans. Both sporting and gaming. Unfortunately reviewing these games from a much better vantage point has in turn made me see the light.

They are bad and by bad I mean boring, unresponsive and out-dated. The even more tragic realisation is that one is worse than the other.


NHL is still fluid and somewhat smoother than its predecessor. There doesn’t seem to be any additions in gameplay besides the much more brutal and “user friendly” fighting system. This enables any gamer, aggressive or not, to whomp the living daylights out of any would-be boxing competitor. This really is such fun especially if you are the primary provoker as it were. Just make a harsh hit, legal one, aggravate your opponent and voila you have a fight where nine times out of ten you are the victor. The controls are easy to master and soon you will be duking past anyone. The shooting system is also more manageable and will result in more goals and thus more excitement.

NFL on the other hand feels “laggy” and slow to react. This is astoundingly annoying when trying to side-step someone at the last instant. All that happens is that you click, the player barely begins to move and boom you are creamed by the opponent you were trying to avoid. The Gameflow system is still very helpful and as its name suggests allows the game to proceed with well, flow. The passing system is very precise and when a perfect gap opens filling it with a player, ball in hand is as simple as 1,2,3.


Both of these titles suffer from graphical stunting. NHL still has a camera that gives it a two dimensional look, almost like Tekken or Street Fighter way back when you still went to an arcade to play. The rink and crowd seem as though they were an afterthought. The players and movements are believable but because of their surroundings they appear superimposed.

NFL on the other hand is a tad more modern but, it is still a far-cry from present day standards. The crowd and field is within acceptable standards but still lack that realism of other sports titles such as FIFA 12. The players are all visually realistic and do represent actual players quite well. However this doesn’t make up for the general lack in attention of the entire package’s appearance.


As with all EA sports and EA games titles the soundtracks are usually brilliant. Neither NHL nor NFL goes against this trend. The killer soundtracks from each title will keep you entertained during the load times and in between goals and touchdowns.

Physics System:

A great physics system results in how awesome and monstrous tackles appear. With NHL, the size of the tackles are colossal and if timed just right the ooooh’s that will resound in the room will be endless. With NFL the tackles just as magnificent and become a part of your defensive game and ultimately play a huge role with keeping your opponents at bay.

Both titles are much the same as the previous two. The graphics of NHL and the gameplay of NFL are their Achilles tendons. For me horrendous graphics trump dodgy gameplay any day of the week.

Thus, I would rather have Madden NFL 12 over NHL 12 but, if you are a fan of NHL then it will obviously be your first choice.

NHL 12 Rating: 6/10

NFL 12 Rating: 7/10

Josh “Swift” Sack – Gaming Editor || About Me: Started Writing for TechHuman in July 1946 after an honorable discharge from the Guatemalan National Guard. Call of Duty Guatemalan Rampage, to be launched in 2026, will be based on Josh’s various military campaigns in the Guard.