It is about time that I pit these two heavyweights against each other and have a good ol’ fashioned versus review. Battlefield and COD are both seasoned fighters. Neither, in my mind, has been superior over the other and with every release each one exhibits innovations and evolutions. Without further ado!


Battlefield 4 presents a heartfelt story of a close-knit team trying to avert the start of major war between China and America. Yet, it is not as simple as that, the story has a deep intermingled and convoluted plot with twists and moments of brilliance. However, there is sense of repetition and unoriginality which inevitably undermines the potentially gripping narrative.

COD Ghosts also begins with a heartfelt story told by a father to his two sons of the “Ghosts” that were moulded by their extenuating circumstances. The family heads back to their home when “ODIN”, orbital defence initiative, weapon is hijacked by the Federation and used to destroy multiple cities in America. Ten years later and America is still defending against the Federation’s advances but now is time to go on the offensive. The plot is compelling yet lacks the finesse of execution that Battlefield possesses.

Both these titles enable escapism at its best. I would be clutching at straws if I were to choose which were better. So, objectively speaking it is a draw and will come down to personal preference when you are faced with the choice.


COD is pleasing on the eyes and still has that COD look to it. However, ‘explosions’ are still a little gimmicky and as a result it still lacks that clarity and crispness that gamers have come to expect with modern FPS titles.

This is where Battlefield capitalises with minimally better animations, environments and ‘explosions’. There is also a general smoothness about it all which transforms that small edge ahead into a definitive inch for victory.


Battlefield has a fluidic weapon swap interface with multiple weapons, gadgets and other battle enhancing toys. There is no shortage when it comes to choice of which tool of destruction you wish
to utilise. The ability to order your squad to engage a group of hostiles assists in your ability to make flanking runs or pin an enemy down until you can replenish your ammo. The cover system is intuitive enough to know when you need to pop up and waste an enemy but sometimes if you are not close enough to said cover you will have to crouch and stand accordingly. Though, with cover being easily destroyed you will need to move around a lot more often which in turns makes the game that much more involving.

COD may have less permanent gadgetry however there is no shortage in choice of weaponry and the swapping system is a lot simpler and subsequently that much quicker which in a tight spot makes the world of difference. Movement is marginally faster and with the slide feature makes diving for cover that much more entertaining. Gameplay seems more frenetic even though cover cannot be destroyed, but certain cover is liable to letting a bullet or two through which is not ideal.

Though, COD exhibits a simpler and somewhat faster experience and thus gameplay belongs to COD.


Now for the reason these two titles are usually purchased, their after campaign multiplayer capabilities.

I will be disappointing most of you by doing this but the truth is, both the multiplayer experiences are familiar to those who have played their predecessors. They have added gimmicks and new features but those are only a means to persuade their competitor’s customers to change their ties.

I found that when I became bored of playing the COD multiplayer, I took the disc out and replaced it with the Battlefield disc and eventually became bored of that and repeated the above in reverse.

They are equally enjoyable and will please their relative fans regardless.


Both these titles are better than their predecessors and are worth the buy. They fulfil what I expect from FPS titles and will not disappoint. If you have the money for both and you have no problem with playing both then I suggest owning both.

Battlefield 4 Rating: 9/10

Call of Duty Ghosts Rating: 9/10

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Check out the Call of Duty Ghosts website: COD

Josh “Swift” Sack – Gaming Editor || About Me: Started Writing for TechHuman in July 1946 after an honorable discharge from the Guatemalan National Guard. Call of Duty Guatemalan Rampage, to be launched in 2026, will be based on Josh’s various military campaigns in the Guard.