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Previous Spiderman offerings have always disappointed in one way or another. For the majority of folks Spiderman is an awesome Marvel Character. Previous games somehow just did not quite hit the nail on the head. They often shattered the dreams of fan-boys who wanted to play and live as their favourite hero. Shattered Dimensions will change all that.

Shattered Dimensions begins with Mysterio attempting to steal an ancient tablet, which unlocks unfathomable power. Amazing Spiderman stops him and breaks the tablet whilst doing so. Madam Web then initiates an endeavour to collect the shattered tablet that is spread over four dimensions.

Amazing Spiderman, Ultimate Spiderman, Noir Spiderman and 2099 Spiderman are all recruited for the job. Right from the get go this title not only allows you to play as one Spiderman but four, each with his own brand of individualism and specific style of play. Frigin Awesome, right?

If you’re expecting me to say ‘however…’ you’d be sorely mistaken. All four are so wickedly splendid that even if the game only incorporated one, it would still be remarkable. Gameplay is so smooth and simple and the combos are almost unlimited. There are so many ways to demolish an enemy and as a bonus, the creators have supplied enough enemies for you to explore every combo.

Although button mashing will often suffice, the simplicity of the combos will coax most into attempting them all. And once you get them, the visuals of sheer destruction and absolute mayhem that ensue before your eyes, are so pleasing you’ll wanna do it all over again. With the amount of enemies you will, again and again and again. I mean that in the best way possible.

Each Spiderman persona always has some quirky comment or comeback to add during the cinematic clips. These dreary chirps are often so lame that you wonder where the world of comedic relief is heading, and then this lame feeling is followed by laughter for which you almost feel guilty. Even Madam Web realises Spiderman’s “humour” is something to be enjoyed.

That is Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions’ biggest flaw. It is a true reflection of Spiderman’s character after all, no matter how lame and ultimately funny.

Graphics follow a comic book style and are rough by design. This effect is often underrated but in the context of this game, it fits and works absolutely perfectly. You will not be blown away by the sharp clear graphics but you certainly will appreciate them. It really is such an authentic look it feels like you are playing straight from the pages of a comic book.

Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions not only makes up for its useless predecessors but sets the bar high for any other Marvel game. The only thing it will be shattering is any doubt that this game is incredible!

Rating: 9/10

Josh “Swift” Sack
Games Editor