Admittedly I no longer find wrestling interesting and the last time I played a wrestling title and enjoyed it was back when Shawn Michaels was the best and The Undertaker intro was actually scary. So my knowledge of who is current outside of Randy Orton, who is part of my knowledge base thanks to all the gifs of him RKO’ing people, is quite limited.

So where to begin? Graphics I suppose, they are impressive but not that impressive. The facial, hair, clothing and sweat detail is somewhat disturbing as it is very near actually being ringside. The movement and resulting injuries are exactly what you would expect from any Wrestlemania, a little fake, except you get to write the script and play it out as you see fit. Each character is decent AI clone of their human counterpart. It seems next-gen is allowing new realms of realism, which is to be expected given all the hype that next-gen received. Even the crowds are not harsh on the eyes and they are not just repetitive copy and paste segments.

Gameplay has been changed a little to the more recent WWE 2k15 title. No more reversal spamming during tag matches, which makes sense as playing multiplayer against someone who does such a thing becomes tedious and tiring. Attacking another player during their entrance is a welcomed addition, because only Stone Cold deserves our time drinking all that beer prior to hillybilly beating someone. Outside of a few pins and submissions changes that is where the more noticeable changes have been made. The general gameplay is still clunky and honestly I feel like the progression from WWE 2k15 is meagre. Though, compared to the wrestling title I enjoyed they are worlds apart.
The soundtrack is, as expected, licenced but not good. I suppose there is a selection and different genres to choose from but it is by no means music to my ears. But it does fit the overall sense of the activity occurring on the screen. Like a fine wine matched to the perfect cheese or in this case a great packet of chips matched to the right can of pop.

Honestly, I feel like most of the American styled “sport” titles are all the same, if you really enjoy that particular sport then the titles are absolutely perfect for you. However, if you either do not enjoy the sport or prefer playing it yourself you will find this and most other sport titles rather boring to play. So if you enjoyed WWE 2k16 then naturally you will enjoy WWE 2k16 but if like me and the other writers here at we would much rather be spending our money on other more appropriate titles like Barbie’s The Island Princess.

Though, if I have to think back to the reason why I enjoyed playing this title when I was a young lad I vaguely remember thinking that wrestling was firstly real and secondly wrestlers were awesome. So the five year old inside of me is shouting, “hit him with a chair, drop him on the table” and the five year is old is completely satisfied but ignorance would have been bliss. Though it may the ignorance could have been experienced both ways, potentially only playing WWE with no other games or never having played WWE nor playing it now. The latter would greatly overshadow the former.

WWE 2K16 Rating: 4/10

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