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The first Transformers gaming title, War for Cybertron, was fantastic. It made you, the gamer, feel like one badass mega-destroyer. The next title, Dark of the Moon, was as disappointing as one could expect from a game following a big blockbuster movie.

Fall of Cybertron, in my opinion, has a 50/50 chance of being a hit and I am glad to report it to be much more reminiscent of the original title.

Fall of Cybertron follows the story of Optimus Prime and the Autobots attempting to flee Cybertron as the civil war has escalated to the point of no reparation. The planet’s core is depleted and now lies dormant and cannot support both the Autobots and Decepticons due to a lack in Energon. The premise is somewhat expected but there are a few interesting twists and on more than one occasion the characters will put a smile on your face.

However, this title is by no means centred on storyline but rather on the gaming itself. The aforementioned gaming is such fun and so ludicrously engorging that I found it extremely difficult to put my remote down. There is a large selection of weaponry which all do massive damage and by that I mean there is no bot too big to be turned into scrap metal with the click of a button.

In addition, there is also the ability to upgrade any weapons during the game. Consumable items are available which make battles slightly more manageable, for instance: a deployable cover shield, or a black hole grenade that mauls anything in its proximity.

There is also a nifty “rating” system which allows the “community” of players to rate upgrades and weapons. This is only one of the features of the online capabilities of this title. The solely online multiplayer continues the awesome gameplay with hours of metal melting destruction.

On top of all that there is also the ability to fully customize your Autobot or Decepticon. From chrome to matt colour schemes and the choice of almost any part or component. Imagine wrecking your buddies whilst having a chrome grill and some 27’ spinners or at whatever else tickles your fancy. There will also be a download pack for Dinobots and Insecticons which feature in the campaign.

One major feature of the multiplayer is host migration. For those of you who are not familiar with host migration, it enables a game to continue even if the original host loses connection or ‘rage’ quits like a little baby.

I have one criticism though, the graphics, as per usual, are bland and lack that quality all gamers have come to expect. That being said, there is a notable improvement in the characters looks and detail.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron is a fantastic title and will result in hours upon hours of gaming joy. There is no doubt that this title is worth an instant buy.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Rating: 8/10

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