Unfortunately, South Africans were not privy to this title’s predecessor and as such not able to bask in its glory.
Respawn Entertainment and EA took the decision to not restrict Titanfall 2 from certain countries and I would like to thank them dearly for doing so because this is possibly my favourite game of all time.

The concept of machine and driver is by no means an original one but the execution is monumentally better than anything I have ever experienced. The game is fast-paced, exciting, intense and most of all entertaining. Whether you are slick with your movement or clumsy you will still be able to enjoy this game to the utmost.
Gameplay is what wins me over. The movement system is truly mercurial and allows you to dash through the battlefield with every obstacle being an opportunity. The combat is electric and there are trillion different ways to make your way through the battleground. The weaponry is just vast enough to avoid boredom and not too vast that you end choosing one only because there is too much choice.

When you board your Titan there is no doubting the devastation you are about to cause. However, combining piloting the titan and playing on foot is the best means to the enemies end. The Titan will automatically target enemies and reign down upon them when you are on foot and two targets are a lot harder to hit than one.

The graphics are spectacular on PC and depict a level of detail so brilliant your eyes will explode in your skull. Well at least you will be in awe of the madness going on around you.
The storyline is a little lacklustre and a few of the voice try their best at some “foreign” accents. My favourite being the mixture of dodgy South African and outback Australian which culminates in an accent so harsh to the ears I am now considering learning German to ensure I never sound that way. However, it does attempt to whisk you away on a spiritual journey of man and machine being one. If this does not appeal to you then do not worry because when you shoot people with the big gun the go pop.

The multiplayer is also a blast and has a selection of different Titans all of which destroy their surroundings with ease. I had a lot of fun and the community so far is not as salty as most other’s but I suppose only time will tell.

I truly believe this game is one of the best I have played and I recommend that you get your hands on a copy ASAP.

Titanfall 2 Rating: 10/10

Check out the Titanfall 2 website: Titanfall 2

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