CD Projekt RED are at it again. The Wither 3: Wild Hunt receives another massive expansion in the form of Blood and Wine.

Let me begin with the fact that in total the estimated time of play for The Wild Hunt, Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine is near 90 hours assuming you play at a moderate pace and don’t go off on a murderous rampage through the hills. It is honestly astounding that this game keeps going on and on and on.

That being said, its persistence is both awesome as well as underwhelming.
The awe surfaces when you realise the storyline is rich and entrancing. This time Geralt enters a new region known as Toussaint, the land of wine where Geralt has a chance to relax in his very own vineyard, how fancy?

But the relaxation does not last long as Geralt has to hunt another vicious monster that is terrorising the land, as well entering a world of fairytales and battling those monsters which made you check your cupboard before you went to bed, we all did there is no shame in it.
The expansion boasts some decent numbers – 90 new quests, 30+ new weapons, 20+ new monsters and 90+ components of armour. The user interface has been reworked and is somewhat easier to operate. The graphics have not changed much if at all but they were already great to begin with so no real disappointment there.

The underwhelming nature of this sort of game is that expansion packs whilst offering more gameplay time rarely offers more enrichment. By that I mean, the game itself remains constant which in the Witcher’s case is not a terrible thing but it can become tedious and a grind in the end.

This tedium does however work for the Witcher as it has for multiple other titles and in retrospect is much more appealing than a 6 hour game that is constantly reinventing the wheel every year (CoD, BF and the sort).

The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine is an awesome expansion and like its predecessor can be counted as a standalone title when compared to its peers. Honestly, getting over my gripe
I would most certainly spend my top dollar for this title.

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Rating: 9/10

Check out the The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine website: Blood and Wine

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