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Let me kick this review off with pros and cons list.

• Very comprehensive story line with story line altering aspects.
• Solid character development.
• Engaging combat.
• Plenty of side missions.

• Lacking in fluidity due to the frequency of cut scenes and conversations.
• The loading screens kill me, my goodness there were far too many.
• Quite a while for the game to get going, which will be a deterrent for those that enjoy jumping straight into the thick of the action.

According to my list I trust I have established a reasonable amount of argument for and against The Witcher 2. Now for the finer details…

The game is awesome. Being a virgin of the Witcher series and completely devoid of any Witcher know-how I assumed the story may have been alien to me. I was wrong though as right from the get-go it was clear, understandable and coupled with a story line that is nothing short of epic.

The Witcher, Geralt Rivia, who is the character you play as lacks knowledge of the past due to memory loss. This seems clichéd, but it sets the scene for an up and down adventure of monster slaying, dragon encounters and a whole lot of bloodshed. It’s rated 18 for a reason.

The combination of melee attacks and spells is a unique and enjoyable fighting system and the abundant amount of side missions and quests keep you glued to your seat for hours.

As I listed above, there are a couple of aspects of the game that ticked me off. First off, the game doesn’t seem to flow as well as it should. The sporadic bouts of combat followed by lengthy conversations do wonders with regards to the story line but don’t help in regards to keeping the blood boiled. Although the conversations were a necessity a few less monumental lengthed speeches may have made for a slightly smoother game.

And then there the loading screens. OH MY WORD they almost quite literally killed me. It seemed like every town or city was made up of 75 million different components that needed loading every 2 seconds. I almost broke down, luckily I was too drawn into the adventure to curl into a ball and cry myself to sleep, but my goodness one more load screen and I may very well have.

Again it is a fantastic game. The Witcher 2 is one of the few games that manage to keep you focused through all the lengthy speeches, something that my history teacher never seemed to master. One disclaimer though, if you intend on playing The Witcher 2 then make sure you have quite a bit of time on your hands.

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Rating: 7/10

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